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    Boy! Anthony can really have such a habit of obsessively nitpicking who (actors) should play who-and-who for his Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film project. He's been doing that for almost 8 years. Last time, he chose Jake Gyllenhaal (replacing Donnie Wahlberg ) as Jesse Marshall , the brother of the new Red Galaxy Ranger Tony Marshall , now he has decided to recast Commander Chalmers' role from Robert Downey, Jr (his original casting choice) to Kevin Spacey .

    A power-house actor (known for roles in films like American Beauty, Pay It Forward, The Usual Suspects, and the Bryan Singer-directed Superman movie, Superman Returns) like Kev should do the trick in the cast as his likeness is face-mapped to a paper-puppet featured in the film.

    The A…

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  • PRLostGalaxy2014

    Before Anthony Marsh, Jr 's Fan-Film adapt of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy comes to YouTube everywhere next summer, we have earlier details on its custom fan-made soundtrack by popular music artists. The VA soundtrack of the film will NOT be on CD (to be sold, because the album isn't real. It's fanmade, and if you don't get what I mean by that, then eff off! Most of the songs are copyrighted, therefore, we cannot redistribute those following artists' songs on the Soundtrack), instead, on our YouTube channel, we have a Playlist  of songs that we picked randomly that describes and inspires the film.

    If you can't find the playlist, here's the url link to it bellow: 


    Also in t…

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