Boy! Anthony can really have such a habit of obsessively nitpicking who (actors) should play who-and-who for his Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film project. He's been doing that for almost 8 years. Last time, he chose Jake Gyllenhaal (replacing Donnie Wahlberg ) as Jesse Marshall , the brother of the new Red Galaxy Ranger Tony Marshall , now he has decided to recast Commander Chalmers' role from Robert Downey, Jr (his original casting choice) to Kevin Spacey .

A power-house actor (known for roles in films like American Beauty, Pay It Forward, The Usual Suspects, and the Bryan Singer-directed Superman movie, Superman Returns) like Kev should do the trick in the cast as his likeness is face-mapped to a paper-puppet featured in the film.

The Anthony Marsh, Jr-directed fan-film reboot of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy which currently includes paper-puppets (featuring the likenesses of many A-list/B-list hollywood celebrities inspired by the characters Marsh created in his fan-fic comics and artwork) and action figures /toy vehicles is set for aiming July 4, 2014 release on YouTube.  

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