I'm completely speechless. I've been thinking about it ever since development on the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-film project Anthony Marsh, Jr is currently pursuing for a 2014 release arose since last Summer in August. Since Scorpius' daughter, Trakeena, won't be in the 2014 film (the first of the very least 3 films of a Lost Galaxy fan-film trilogy), the question is who would be considered for the villian in a future fan-film sequel? 

Anthony has stated many many times on YouTube on various videos regarding his past and current PRLG film projects that he constantly struggled to find what regular girl - mainly a grown woman - in her late teens, 20s and/or 30s should play the lesser known iconic LG villainess in a film. Most of the time, he has been searching obsessively for over 1,000 actresses from popular movies and TV shows that can be akin to Amy Miller's portrayal of Trakeena from the show. Unfortunately, none of these actresses don't look anything like Trakeena. Yet, you can find - in your thoughts - who can play Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and/or Talia Al Gaul in a future Batman movie or whatever. 

Trakeena maybe one of the best female villains Power Rangers ever had, but some (mainly women and girls who don't watch the show and/or never were fans of seasons outside of MMPR) conceive her to be underrated. While Anthony has been working on the project still, there were 4 actress considerations for Trakeena in a PRLG film, mainly the 3 original choices being older than what the character shouldn't be - Wendie Malick (she is way too old for it), Kate Walsh (too girly, yet people like her), and Patricia Heaton (don't get me started with that former ELR starlet of a cunt). Ever since the 2014 Fan-Film reboot of PRLG was announced by Anthony last year on July 20, he wanted to go with someone classy, yet also as lesser known as the villain herself, like beauty model icon Jerry Hall (almost close to being in her 60s so...uh....) for the part in the film. Unfortunately, poor Trakeena is again shafted from making an appearence in the fan-film and Anthony's current actress choice for her has been put on halt. Maybe once the upcoming Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film does comes out next summer on YouTube, Anthony will think of an actress (or regular female civilian who would like to get into acting) as his inspiration for Trakeena, since the fan-film projects of PRLG he is making has paper/mount-board puppets for characters. 

To kick start a "Revive Trakeena" Campaign, I have pictures of Famous [and NOT-SO-Famous] celebrity individuals that would likely be the Next Trakeena.

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