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"Seems like we got a plan in motion....." 
----- Villamax creating a scheme, while teaming up with Furio, to take down the Rangers. 
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appeared in Anthony Marsh, Jr 's first Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan FIlm. He was one of the two main central villains in the film. A loyal, but brash and sometimes incompetent, general to Lord Metarex and his Zeon Empire. 

Character HistoryEdit

Before the 2014 Reboot Fan-Series Edit

Long before facing the Power Rangers, present day tense, Villamax was one of the many of those intergalactic swashbuckler bandits, accordingly as of 2014 the last remaining of his clan's kind, that were involved in the battle on Mirinoi from 3,000 years ago to try and steal the Quasar Sabers by attempting to remove each saber from their respective slots of the stone they were enbedded in. Many warriors of those on the side of Mirinoi's prevented this such evil from stealing the swords. Villamax was one of the very many that was prevented from stealing at least one (or all) of the sabers and give them to Metarex. 

During these events of such malicious conquest at the same time, Villamax then began becoming early rivals with the Magna Defender. Villamax made an attempt to try and steal the Lights of Orion in which he fought Magna Defender for their whereabouts. Enraged with the fleeing of the Lights, Villamax struck Magna Defender down to the pit of the earth's crest of Mirinoi where Magna Defender laid rest in defeat for that long. Villamax is also responsible, alongside Lord Metarex, for playing a part in destroying every remain of Magna Defender's home world, including the death of his son Zika in the process.  By the time of the War on Mirinoi came to a near close, Villamax, and the remaining forces of the Zeon Empire were put into suspended animation as a warrior of light used his magic to turn the evil forces into stone having them remained that way until re-animation 3,000 years later.

After being re-animated, Villamax appeared roughly older and remained more suffiencent than he was before. During this pre-time, he remained on the planet Onyx, where he remained in its villages training those who would overcome as his future proteges of conquest to become stronger and powerful warriors in his stead. 

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (Fan-Film) (2014)Edit

As one of the 3 remaining generals serving Lord Metarex on his conquest to anihilate those of the forces of such good from across time and space, Villamax was one who kept his honesty and loyal chivalry toward him. At times he let certain things on agenda to his master slip away. When Villamax was first introduced in the film, he was on a raid (along with his boss' footsoldiers, the Chromite Vipers ) on the planet [[ Mirinoi ] to make another attempt to steal the Quasar Sabers which have been enbedded on the stone for over 3,000 years for the first time in that long following his been-resurrection. By the time he encountered the who -would -become "chosen ones " to pull the sabers from the stone and later become the Power Rangers, Villamax took infurious action and onwards to retaliate against them. After being much more infuriated that the 5 who pulled the sabers from the stone, Villamax takes the opportunity to stick his sword into the ground as the ground swallows Tony Marshall 's brother Jesse Marshall into the earth's pit. Followingwards, Villamax has become rivals with the Red Ranger. 

Upon his return to the Zeon Fortress , Villamax was doted by Lord Metarex to take a second opportunity to try and steal the Quasar Sabers and destroy the Power Rangers upon his first failure in whichbegan to anger Metarex in spite of his incompetence. Villamax was suggested by Metarex to steal the Quasar Sabers (and the two following power sources that would later become to belong to the Rangers following) so that way he can rule Terra Venture and the entire universe to resurrect what was Lord Zedd's evil zord (ala Zordon-era) Serpentera and take Serpentera to take total dominance in destroying Terra Venture and the Power Rangers all at the same time. As more consecutive failures ensued, Villamax was given by Metarex one final chance to find another way for his master to revive/rebuild Serpentera. This opportunity led Villamax to go a mission to find the Lights of Orion in which he found the most direly of the impossible as he stated to Metarex that there is no way in the whole galaxy he would never find them. Metarex later stated in threatening of Villamax that if he makes one last mistake he will destroy him himself for good and he dares him to slip this notion again like he did (following the Rangers' first three victories) when he couldn't retrieve the Quasar Sabers and the Transdaggers so the last piece to Metarex's puzzle, ala power source, to make the attempt to rebuild Serpentera is he need/needed to find and capture the Lights of Orion. As Villamax left the fortess, Metarex appointed Villamax to team up with Furio in accompany to find the Lights on Terra Venture but Villamax relatiated at Metarex about working with someone of his league and caliber to team up with him for find them that was on the space colony itself in the Mountain Dome enviroment he is first introduced to Furio in a unspecified area of the dome. After both reconciling their differences, the two villains agree with each other to team up as Villamax states that they seem to have a plan in motion.

By the time the Rangers encountered Villamax again, this time with Furio (who doesn't show up to face the Rangers later on), he unveals a trick upon them to make them believe that Jesse is alive. Moments later during this battle, it was revealed that the Jesse the Rangers knew was a ploy as the Jesse imposter was actually Furio in disguise as Villamax finally obtains the box that has the Lights of Orion inside. This trick even made Tony much more angry came his big battle with Villamax as when the other Rangers take the Megazord and battle a giant Furio as that ensued. Tony and Villamax engaged in a confrontation mano-y-mano until both by the end of the sword fight were worn down. As Villamax dragged close to open the box, he then discovered that the box that was suppose to have the Lights of Orion in it was empty. This had consecutively marks Villamax's final chance, therefore his last chance to fulfill his loyalty to Metarex has been blown resulting him to commit airborne suicide by evening nearly wanted in chance to kill the Red Ranger and make him pay for his own failures to live up to his master's promise. Tony defeats Villamax as Villamax, riding on his Villacycle off-collision to a high end hill, commits aerial suicide resulting to his many failures during his services with Lord Metarex. 

Actor Voice/LikenessEdit

Qoutes Edit

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Differences from the TV VersionEdit

Despite Anthony Marsh, Jr's Fan Film series of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy being of an amateur-type series of film projects to the franchise, the characters in the film compraise of puppets made out of thick mount board and pre-printed (sometimes drawn out) imagery for costumes/clothing and facial headshots of what TV/Film celebrities should be the characters in inspiration, rather than actually using real live actors (actually normal people) to do the roles since Marsh has difficulties gathering/asking those individuals who would like to get into acting but they were unable to in his request(s). 

Appearence Edit

  • Villamax, as a puppet, bares half of his costume design from the original Power Rangers and Sentai versions. His mask is much different from his original counterparts in both Power Rangers and Sentai, therefore his original mask - which actually was based on the helmet of Space Sheriff Gavan - used first in Gingaman then Lost Galaxy, is foregone as his new mask a black repaint of the New Goblin mask from Spider-Man 3 , with the lenses of the visor being red rather than green. Villamax appears barely more human as the upper edge of his forehead can be seen with his mask on. Without his mask on, it is revealed that Villamax is a human, whereas in the TV series/Sentai version, it is unknown whatever if Villamax/Sambash is human underneath or not. It has never been specified. His costume in the Marsh-Verse retains some elements from his original. Most predominantly the yellow chest area to this costume and his respective general clan emblem badge on the left side of his chest. His shoulder/collar pads are far more ajacent than in the TV series. The 3 primarily colors to Villamax's costume in the Fan Film series in comparison to his original PR/Sentai counterparts are Black (main), Red, and Yellow. 

Personality and PortrayalEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like his original Power Rangers and Sentai counterparts, Villamax does not have any powers but he is equipped with a sword. 


  • Villamax, in the Marsh-Verse, is portrayed exactly the same as his original Gingaman counterpart, whose role was influenced to Furio in the TV series. 
  • Two of Villamax's character elements from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy are removed in the Marsh-Verse.
    • Being a father figure to a female villain along being loyal to her (Trakeena).
    • Sticking to a moral code of honor and chivalry. 
Which are two of the same personality traits shared with mirrored In Space villain Ecliptor. 
  • In the Marsh-Verse, Villamax is not partners with Kegler. 
  • In the Marsh-Verse, Villamax is a rival of the original Magna Defender, like his Sentai counterpart whereas in Power Rangers main continuity in the actual Lost Galaxy series, it had portrayed Treacheron to be rivals with the Magna Defender. 

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