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Megazords confirmed to appear in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Wrath of Trakeena .

In the sequel, the Rangers will continue piloting their Galactazords, following the reintroductions of the Centaurus Megazord, Stratoforce Megazord and the Zenith Carrierzord.

Zord System


Galaxy Megazord 

  • Lion Galactabeast/Zord - piloted by Tony Marshall as the current Red Galaxy Ranger
  • Wolf Galactabeast/Zord - piloted by Miranda Campbell as the current Yellow Galaxy Ranger 
  • Gorilla Galactabeast/Zord - piloted by Will James as the current Blue Galaxy Ranger 
  • Wildcat Galactabeast/Zord - originally piloted by Gwen McQueen , now Siri McBride , as the current Pink Galaxy Ranger. 
  • Condor Galactabeast/Zord - piloted by Browne Jones as the current Green Galaxy Ranger. 

Defender Torozord 

Stratoforce Megazord 

  • S1 - 
  • S2 - 
  • S3 -
  • S4 -
  • S5 -

Centaurus Megazord 

  • C1 -
  • C2 -
  • C3 -
  • C4 - 
  • C5 -

Zenith Carrierzord 

No one pilots. 



  • Red Pteradon DeviZord
  • ​Neo-Spino DeviZord


  • to be added.


  • Deviot's evil Zords are the Toy versions of the Limited Edition Ptera and Spino Charge Megazords from Power Rangers: Dino Supercharge's toy line by Bandai of America.  

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